Hard Questions (part 3)


As an author with Sourcebooks, I’m fortunate to have been granted the talents of a lovely publicist, Amelia, to help me launch my book.  Poor lady.  She’s forced to brainstorm ways to promote a complete unknown, and one of the many suggestions she made was that I might write about ‘my go-to place to write.’


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Susanne Lord Comments
London Open House 2015

For one weekend in September, London opens many of their glorious buildings to the public, who would normally not be allowed in.  A couple weeks back, Charlotte and I enjoyed amazing access to many of the City’s historic buildings and visiting many of the locations mentioned in IN SEARCH OF SCANDAL. 

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A Walk in the Cotswolds

Part Three: Charlotte Goes for a Walk in the Country

Charlotte and I woke to an exceedingly fine September day and decided to leave our charming room at The Bell Inn to hike the Cotswold landscapes about Moreton in Marsh.  In preparation, I laminated my survey maps, brushed up on my compass reading skills and dusted off my trekking poles.  And Charlotte donned her sturdiest kid leather boots.  (I realize you can't see them under the yards of satin and foreground of peonies, but trust me.  They are very elegant.)

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Charlotte's Secret Cottage

Part Two: Charlotte at The Secret Cottage

With so many lovely villages to visit, and no interest in renting a car and driving the narrow roads, Charlotte and I made the brilliant decision to join a tour.  The most popular in the Cotswolds is the Secret Cottage Tour, which is a six-hour guided tour of the northern Cotswold villages.

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